Wireless CCTV

Wireless CCTV Systems

There are many uses for mobile surveillance, the ability to watch and preserve evidence from a remote site can provide an innovative means to combat crime and provide a safer environment.

Time and money can be saved as manpower need not be wasted traveling to a site to check all is safe.

CCTV has become very common, the ability to view CCTV cameras over the internet has also become the norm, and this all works well as the cameras are connected to a fixed line internet service.

But what if there is no internet service available and the site is in a remote location?

With no direct internet connection, many would believe it is not possible.

K and M Fleet-tec have developed a mobile broadband system which can provide reliable broadband data speeds in remote site locations and even on the move.

We have hardware that can make use of a combination of connections using software defined WAN. Utilising a mixture of 4G Lte services, Wi-Fi and Satellite we can prioritise the most cost effective solution.

This combination can work well as the high latency of satellite internet services can be compensated for with the other connections effectively taking up the slack.

Once the remote cctv system is connected to our modem, we have options to provide a static / fixed IP or domain name for your service allowing easy access to the CCTV server and any other network requirements.

Secure access control and automation work seamlessly within our networks.

We can also provide functions that would normally be available on your wired office network essentially extending your network to the mobile site.

Information and devices connected at the office network are now available at the remote site and vice versa, providing a secure network between the remote site and your office.