GPS Tracking Systems

GPS Tracking Systems

A few years ago a tracker would just show where a vehicle is and where it has been and that’s about it. Things have moved on a long way since then, we have introduced some really helpful features which you may not have thought possible by a tracking system.
We have our own very advanced tracking system providing the usual fleet management features and much more. Here are some of the features you may not know about which you may find useful:

Driver ID

Each driver has their own wireless security tag used to identify them. This instantly sends information about who drove what vehicle, when and where straight to you and is saved for easy reporting purposes. This has massive time saving benefits as it will automatically store all the information for you allowing secure access as and when you need it.

Fuel Monitoring

When linked to a level sensor the tracker can report real time fuel usage. When used with Driver identification you will easily see who drives more economically allowing clear comparisons to be made. Alerts can be set up should fuel levels go down when the engine is not running.

Information Display

Just like a text, information can be sent via the tracker straight to the driver giving them any important information you need to let them know. This is done from the tracking platform so you will already know where they are, just open the dialogue box, type the message, and then send. There are many standard features, its worth having a chat to me so I can find out what is relevant to you, here are some we install as standard: Parking Times – Know when, where and how long. Mileage Reports – can be exported into Excel.

Speed Check

Set the maximum permitted speed.

Temperature Tracking

See in real time the temperature of your goods & storage. Temperature sensors log and store all the information you
need for later reporting. Generating reports is easy; showing where, when and what temperature your goods where at that time. Complies with food & Medicine in transit regulations

Lone Worker Tracking System

Lone workers face many dangers, they can be trained to have the safest working practices and know exactly how to deal with almost any situation but none the less there will be times they need to call for help. The problem with picking up the phone to ask for help is time which in an emergency situation there is little of, then the lone worker would need to explain where they are, again time consuming plus they may not be able to give an exact location description to who they call.

We can offer a consultancy service and provide bespoke software which integrates into 3rd party fleet management platforms.