Commercial Vehicle Blind Spot Prevention & Evidence capture.

Blind Spot CCTV System

Most commercial vehicles have a requirement for CCTV, many sites will not allow access without a minimum of a rear facing camera due to health and safety issues.

Due to larger vehicles having many blind spots, we have developed a system which can help prevent blind spots by showing the driver clearly what is out of normal view.

Our typical system has four cameras: FRONT, REAR, LEFT, and RIGHT which covers most vehicles entirely.

Many accidents with commercial vehicles happen at the sides so it makes sense to have cameras there to record the evidence and prove who is at fault.

To simplify the changing of views and prevent driver distraction our system automatically displays the view clearly on a monitor when using turn signals, so a Left turn will show the Left Camera view.

Likewise, a Right turn shows the Right Camera and selecting Reverse shows the Rear view.

We can configure our system to continuously show the rear camera view to the driver which behaves like a rear view mirror which many commercial vehicles just can’t have.

All the cameras are recorded regardless of the view selected along with audio if required.

Live Vehicle CCTV

1, Wi-Fi connection in the vehicle and an Access Point covering the storage yard where your vehicles are stored. This allows your office network to access the data from any vehicle within Wi-Fi range. Using secure networking this data can be accessed remotely and viewed from anywhere.

2, 4G / LTE Internet service. This puts the vehicle “on-line” without needing to be near an Access Point. Our configurations can keep mobile data usage and cost to a minimum by prioritising the Wi-Fi Access point data higher than the mobile data. This means our system will use your Wi-Fi as much as possible but when unavailable will use its own internet service to allow you to connect when not at your HQ.